River Rafting

Exciting white water rafting in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz.

River rafting is an adventure sport that brings together fun, contact with nature and a lot of excitement. In the surroundings of Florianopolis, it takes place in the amazing pristine region of Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, located 40 km far from Florianopolis.

Before boarding the boat, you will get your equipment, like the life vest and the paddle. Then it is time for stretching and finally to go down the crystal-clear waters of the Cubatao River. Along the way you will go down 6 meters high waterfalls! All in a safe environment, with English speaking guides, and enjoying the local untouched forest and the sight of curious wild animals and birds.

The river rafting takes 2.5 hours, travelling across 8 km. The river rating is usually III, but it might reach level IV depending on rainfall conditions.