Bird Watching

Praia da Galheta

Ilha do Campeche

Trail between Barra da Lagoa and Galheta

Hercílio Luz Bridge

Boat stop at Rio Vermelho

Lightpainting by Zé Paiva

Eco and Adventure Sports Holidays in Florianopolis

Florianopolis, the island paradise: pristine beaches and adventure sports vacation

Brazil Trails offers beach and adventure holidays in Florianopolis, the island paradise off the southern coast renowned for its vibrant culture, subtropical climate, beautiful beaches, and great hikes. The friendly English speaking staff is readily available to take you to kite surfing tours, yoga lessons, hiking through native Atlantic forest, surf lessons, surf camps, snorkeling, scuba diving, paragliding, white river rafting and other active pursuits along free time to relax on the beach.

Florianopolis is blessed with a spectacular combination of natural beauty with 42 beaches surrounded by green mountains, sophisticated dining, exotic Brazilian culture, safety and a charming ambiance that tends to enchant visitors from the moment they arrive on the island.

Florianopolis: A Lifetime Vacation


Although the day diverse scenery in Florianopolis would already be a very good combination for you to come visit us, the island has much more to offer.

The little charming downtown called Lagoa da Conceição, offers lively bars, shops selling from local handcraft to international brands, a huge variety of restaurants, and world class night clubs.

A walk in the evening at the Lagoa area is a great option to relax having a fresh juice or a Brazilian ‘expresso’ while you do some ‘people watching’.

And at night enjoy one of the incredible restaurants that vary from the typical Brazilian barbecue (here called “churrasco”), to Thai, Japanese, Italian, and many others.

Later on, we are sure you can gather energy to go to one of the great nightclubs in town. Be ready to dance to your favorite rhythm or to experience the famous “samba”!

Lagoinha do Leste


The untouched beach of Lagoinha do Leste is considered the main treasure of the island: a wild beach only reached through trails.


Lagoinha do Leste

Fortaleza da Barra


Trail to the beautiful and wild Galheta’s beach


Fortaleza da Barra

Morro das Aranhas


Trail in the north of the island, between the wild Moçambique beach, and the Santinho beach, famous for its archeological site.


Morro das Aranhas

The team


There are so many things we are sure you will enjoy, that it is hard to tell what really will stand out the most. But our team is the one thing we can guarantee  will help make a great difference in your stay.

Brazil Trail’s staff is always available to point you the best option for you to do during the day or during the night. We are passionate for nature and for this island where we live, and we would like to show it all to you. We want you to make the most of your vacation, so that you have the best time, and keep the best memories of you holiday in Brazil.

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