Fortaleza da Barra

Trail to the beautiful and wild Galheta’s beach

We will start this trail at the River Fortress, which is a calm and traditional neighborhood at the central eastern side of the island. From there, we will explore an old trail opened by its first residents that used it to go fishing at Galheta beach. This trail will lead us to a fascinating view. Once we get to the top of the highest hill, it will be possible to see several points of natural beauty, like the Conceição Lake in almost its extension, the dunes of Joaquina beach, the Red River Forest Park, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the island: Mole, Galheta and Barra da Lagoa.

Currently the Galheta Beach is the only one that allows the free body culture, which is more common during the high season. All through the year this beach is not very visited, except by some surfers and fishermen, since it is not possible to arrive there driving.

Regarding its cultural background, it is important to notice that the Indians were the first fishermen there, having left an archeological site in the northern side of the beach. After enjoying the peace of this calm beach, we can walk towards the lively Mole Beach, through a short, but pretty trail.

It takes approximately 1 hour to get there.
It is considered an easy walk with some up hill walk.
In your backpack: water to drink, sunscreen, light snack.
You should wear: comfortable shoes, long pants, a cap.