Costa da Lagoa

Trail along Floripa’s main postcard: the beautiful Lagoa da Conceição. It leads to a village that can only be achieved by this trail or by boat.

Walking from a beautiful sight to another one even better, we will go round the Floripa´s postal card, the Conceição Lake.

On this path, we will see mirror water scenery, the atlantic forest and a village that keeps the Azorean habits. We will start the trail at the “Canto dos Araçás”, which is a residential area at the lake. From there, we will walk its diverse way while we go through the communities that live along the lake, and will check the best preserved flour mill in the island. This is a smooth trail with a few and slight ups and downs.

At the end of the trail there are some typical seafood restaurants, which are lakefront and have piers used as boat stops, for the boats that can take us back to Canto dos Araçás, while we enjoy the splendid lake view.

It takes approximately 1 hour to get there.
It is considered an easy walk.
In your backpack: water to drink and sunscreen.
You should wear: comfortable shoes.