Capoeira Lessons

Capoeira, Environment and Social Integration. With Brazil Trails in Florianopolis you will find the ideal conditions to learn or to improve one of the most traditional and beloved Brazilian sports.

Beautiful sceneries, professional teaching, exotic culture, open and friendly people, relaxing atmosphere far away from the trouble of the big cities, and at the same time with all the comfort that you need.

The Training center: A cozy, enchanting training center of the cultural initiative “Ilha de Palmares” (Island of the Palm Trees), is located between the lake channel and one of the wildest beaches in the island: the Galheta beach.

The Instructor: Calunga, who started the Initiative “Ilha de Palmares” has been teaching Capoeira for 26 years, and has got his title as Master 7 years ago. He has taken part in courses, workshops all over Brazil. Also he has a degree in Physical Education. During the Capoeira Lessons, Calunga will be joined by his friends and colleagues who are part of the Initiative to teach you in a personal way.

The Lessons: It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, a beginner with some experience or an experienced capoeira player, Calunga and his colleagues will give you personal attention to your ability level. The classes will be in different places: in Calunga´s training center, open air in one of the many beautiful beaches of the island or some other special place where there might be a capoeira event that week. Besides the capoeira training, you will also find out about the local nature where you are playing, and help out environment by planting a tree in the wood nearby. You will have 3 hours class everyday, which will also allow you time to explore other parts of this beautiful island.

Friday evening is the time of the weekly “Roda de Capoeira“, when the Capoeira students and teachers get together. This is meant to be your good-bye party, or maybe just a nice evening out, if you decide to stay longer with us. Then this evening you will play in the “Roda” to practice what you’ve learnt during the week, and will also enjoy a typical Brazilian fish barbecue, cooked by your new friends from capoeira.

You may also take part in a Berimbau Workshop, where you will learn to build a Berimbau, and will be able to take the one you’ve made back home. As soon as your Berimbau is ready, you will also take the chance of trying it and learn the basics of this musical instrument.

The project: The Cultural Initiative „Ilha de Palmares“ is in its third edition of the Project „Capoeira, Environment and Social Integration“. The objective of this project is to pass to the children in “Barra da Lagoa” area, the education and the social valorization through Capoeira practice and access to the culture. Today, the project supports more than 130 children between 7 and 14 years old from the poor communities.

Besides Capoeira, Florianopolis offers many other incredible nature attractions. Among the many outdoor activities that wait for you in this beautiful island, some of them stand out, like: surf classes, trekking, white river rafting, sand boarding, paragliding, whale watching (from July until November), boat trips, snorkeling, and horseback riding.

Brazil Trails will give you many options according to what you like to do.  Floripa is known in Brazil as one of the best places to go out, and you will see why!

If besides our beautiful Floripa Island, you want to explore other parts of Brazil, let us know. We will be glad to assist you!