Trilha do Saquinho e Pastinho

Trail in the south of the island that takes to the remote Praia do Saquinho and further to the lookout point of the Pastinho.

On the way to the trail, we will make a quick stop at an old convent at a top of a hill from where we will have a beautiful view of Armação Beach.

Then we will drive on towards the south of the island, which is the less explored side of the island by tourism, until we reach the Solitude beach. All this area is preserved by the State Park of the Tray Mountains (Parque Estadual da Serra do Tabuleiro). When we arrive there, before starting the trail, we will go up a short hill to go for a refreshing bath at a waterfall hidden in the forest. After that, we are ready to start the trail that will take us to Little Bag (Saquinho) beach.

This trail is a good choice for beginners, since it is a short trail, with some ups and downs through a beautiful well-conserved path. This path is the only way the residents of Little Bag beach have in and out of their village; it is a cemented path that should take about half an hour to get there. The Little Bag village is surrounded by green hills that come very near to the sea.

From there on, we will go on a trail in the bush for about other half an hour until the Grass Point. While in this trail, we will have a chance to check a ruin of an old flourmill surrounded by orchards.
Once we arrive to the Grass Point, we will have a great view of the 3 Sister islands.

It takes approximately 1 hour to get to the Grass Point.
It is considered an easy walk with some up hill walk.
In your backpack: water to drink, sunscreen, a snack.
You should wear: comfortable shoes, long pants, a cap.