Lagoa do Peri

This trail goes around the biggest natural water lake in the island. It is protected by the State Park of Lagoa do Peri, and all the way we will hike through the native atlantic forest, ending up at a refreshing waterfall.

This is one of the best kept trails in Florianópolis. Back in the century XIX, it used to be a path to reach the furthest south side of the island.

While hiking through subtropical terrain, we will have the chance to note many kinds of native fauna and flora.
We will see beautiful views of the lake and of the mountains from the look out points. The trail ends up at the Gurita waterfall, where there are two falls that make a refreshing pool for a well deserved swim.

It takes approximately 2 hours to get there.
It is considered an easy walk, though a little long.
In your backpack: water to drink, a snack and sunscreen.
You should wear: comfortable shoes and long pants.